Thursday, September 14, 2017

117. Pres. Manuel Quezon and the MacAthurs

Here is a warm letter of Manuel Quezon in 1927 to his wife Aurora when he visited the MacAthur’s home in  Maryland.  It shows the loving nature of our president expressing his affection to his wife.  Quezon also commended Mrs. MacAthur’s hospitality towards him.

Rainbow Hill 
Eccleston, Maryland

December 4, 1927

Sweetheart of mine:

As you can see I am writing you from the McArthur’s home in Mainland. It’s a palatial house with all the comfort and luxury that money and taste can promise.

Mrs. McArthur is so pleased with your present! She is so nice and good and appreciative that anything done for her makes her happy. We talked until midnight, last night, she, the General and myself, and, for a little while there was with us Nieves (Mrs. Fuinjan). In this conversation I had to know Mrs. McArthur better. She is not only a manner-hearted woman, but she has a brain that works. She is a student of human nature, too. She told, for instance, this story as descriptive, in her opinion, of the natural gentleness and decency of the Filipino race. She was once having a picnic and when she offered a plate full of sandwiches to a man who was considerably starving, this fellow just took one little piece as the most perfect gentleman would have done. Only an observer would see this.

Dear girl; Mrs. McArthur just love you and I know you don’t love her any less.

Mrs. McArthur tells me that if something would ever happen to her home the only place where she would go to live would be the Philippines. She will be coming there next year, arriving in Manila October. General McArthur and I have already been planning things for the time when they are there. You really are a great help to me. You make friends for me. These people would never have treated me so well if it had not been for you. Thank you my dear. And yet, you sometimes tell me that you don’t think you are of any help to me. That is one of the things that make my heart break occasionally. As a mater of fact you should know that no other woman could have ever make my life so happy as you have made it. You are the best present God has given me. For you I have to thank heaven a lot.

Whenever I think of you and our angels I realize how fortunate I have been in this world and really I don’t deserve it because I have not been very good.

Sweetheart: God bless you and our children. Kisses and embraces to all of you.
Your devoted husband,