Friday, February 8, 2013

83. FILIPINO CUPID - Vintage Philippine Valentine Cards

Collecting vintage and antique valentine cards has emotional appeal to everyone; regardless of age, and gender.  The valentines of the past reflect everything from social history, romance, imagery, artistry, emotion, and just plain fun!

The cards below have delightful art with sense of history and entertaining  verse that one could possibly want. They were made by RAPHAEL TUCKS of England in 1910,  featuring a cute Igorote cupid with a romantic message to a special someone.

A rare circa 1910 multicolored Philippine Valentine card showing a cute Igorote Cupid holding a spear.  Published by Raphael Tucks and Sons Ltd. The dorsal side of the card reads
“ Dear Filipino Cupid, I pray you haste away,
and bear Love’s fondest greeting
to my Sweetheart today”

A cute valentine card also published  by TUCKS.  Interesting message on the side -
"To my Valentine,
The Filipino Cupid
Is the color of Pecan.
Tis hard to tell just what he has
or what he hasn’t on.
His spear is odd and pointed
True Filipino art.
Tis sharpened with my warmest love,
May it soon pierce your heart."

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