Monday, September 9, 2013

91. Philippine Postcards from the 1960's (Manila, Makati, & Caloocan)

MANILA BY NIGHT. Plaza Miranda, Rizal Avenue and Quezon Blvd. By KRUGER.

ESCOLTA at NIGHT. Multi colored neon lights up Manila's version of Fifth Avenue, New York. Banks and quality stores line up along the side. By Platischrome, National Book Store.

Legislative Building (Now National Museum). Manila Cityhall at the back. Made by KRUGER, National Bookstore.

Aerial View of Manila

National Library,  Manila

Busy Rizal Avenue (Avenida) at Night. Movie theaters along the avenue are the Ideal, State, Scala, Capitol, Ever, Avenue, Galaxy, and the Lyric.

China Town, Divisoria, Manila. Ca. 1960's
Quaipo Church, Manila. Ca. 1960's

Manila Hotel, taken from Manila bay.

Aerial view of Manila City. By Madonna Postcard. Ca. 1960's

ENTRANCE TO CHINESE GARDEN, RIZAL PARK. The ornate arch which is reminiscent of authentic Chinese Architecture least of the interior of the beautiful garden. By KRUGER, National Book Store.

THE CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND, LUNETA. Located within the area of Rizal Park in Manila offers an endless variety of amusement for children. At the background are the Manila Hilton, the city's tallest building and some government and business establishments. Kruger by National Book Store

MINIATURE GARDEN, LUNETA. Cascading waterfalls & clear tiny lake , milti colored flowers, ever garden grass found in the junction of busy streets within Rizal Park area of Manila. By KRUGER, National Book Store.

MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY inside Intramuros. By KRUGER, National Book Store.

PASIG RIVER WITH MANILA'S SKYLINE - The Pasig river divides Manila into two parts, North and South. It has witnessed all of the changes that has come upon the nation's greatest city from the time of Legaspi, who founded the city to the establishment of the Republic. Plastichrome by National Book Store

Lourdes Church, Kanlaon St, Quezon City.

Bonifacio Monument in Caloocan.

ROXAS BLVD. Scenic view boulevard facing Manila Bay. By JMC Press, Inc.


THE MAKATI SHOPPING CENTER. This is part of Makati's development as an independent community with its own shopping center in the middle of office, industrial and residential buildings. By Plastichrome, National Book Store.

ANOTHER VIEW OF THE MAKATI SHOPPING CENTER. This commercial center caters to the needs of the residents of nearby San Lorenzo, Bel - Air, Urdaneta and Forbes Park. By Plastichrome, National Book Store.

MAKATI'S GROWING SKYLINE. In the few years , modern buildings have bee shooting up in this area. Makati's phenomenal growth may be credited to the far-reaching plans of its residents to ha a community comparable with any in the world. Plastichrome, National Book Store.

MAKATI SHOPPING CENTER. Building in front is Shoe Mart. Rizal theater at the back. Made by Kruger.

MANILA HILTON.  Postcard. Ca. 1960's

JONES BRIDGE and MAHILA SKYLINE. Postcard. Ca. 1960's

BLUMENTRITT - LIBERTAD JEEPNEY near Luneta. Postcard. Ca. 1960's

Aerial view of Port Area. Postcard. Ca. 1960's

CARRIEDO Area.  Postcard. Ca. 1960's

Aerial view of Luneta. Postcard. Ca. 1960's
Aerial view of Luneta Park. Postcard. Ca. 1960's
Luneta Park. Postcard. Ca. 1960's

Rizal Monument at Luneta Park. Postcard. Ca. 1960's

Landscape going to Lagusnilad, Manila. Ca. 1960's

Fort Santiago, Manila
Dewey Blvd., Manila

Legislative Building, Manila

Manila Chinese Cemetery, Philippines 1960s


  1. Wow, thanks for another great post. It's so refreshing to see the streets uncluttered with traffic and mega-billboards.
    The postcards of Makati are especially fascinating!

    1. some of them are just drawings. still pretty awesome though.

  2. Do you know where i can buy old postcards and old philippine magazines?

    1. Try attending Bayanihan Collector's Club's auctions

  3. Goes to show that Makati is already progressive and a center of commerce in the Philippines even without Binay and yet this guy is taking all the credits.

  4. Hello there! I have a few old Philippine postcards. Would you mind if I send you scanned copies of the postcards? I would really love to find out how old they are. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you very much! :)

  5. hello. interesting photographs.. im still looking for this old landmark at Taft Ave, Cor. San Andres st and Quirino St. the OLD ROTONDA 0f the 50s-60s, there it seems i cant find any photos. i want to see it again. kinda like in Luneta skating ring i suppose.. with a fountain and globe.. i was 4 back then.. i remembered it when pope Paul 6th visited.. do you have any? thanks..

  6. Hi po this is Anj of GMA7 from Alisto program. We would like to ask permission to grab photos of old manila from this blog to be aired in our upcoming episode. You may reach me thru my email address

  7. Hi po I would like to confirm if you own the copyright of the old china town, divisoria photo? Thank you.

  8. Hi there! Very interesting photos :) My digital agency is currently working on a campaign for a big FMCG brand and I'd like to ask for permission if we could use one of your photos?

    Would appreciate a reply. Thank you!

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  12. OMG!!! Those are so cool! Where do you get your postcards?? Manila was so beautiful before. Hehehe.