Friday, July 19, 2013

90. Charm of OLD MANILA. A Postcard Collection (Circa 1910's)

Looking at these old postcards give me a sense of nostalgia, a feeling of sentimentality to the rich history and glorious days of this city called MANILA. We can recall what our grandparents’ stories about this wonderful city go, these were the days when riding the tramvia was the easiest way to commute; when shopping in Escolta was fun and a delightful experience; when washing one’s clothes on the banks of Pasig River was prevalent; taking a swim in Manila bay was still safe; and enjoying a stroll at Dewey Blvd (now Roxas Blvd) with the cool sea breeze without too much pollution.  These were the good old days which one could reminisce and see what we have missed.

There are vintage postcards of old Manila that our grandparents once knew.  It is very different from our present Manila but some of its former charm and enchantment are still there. 

Malate Church, Manila

In Spanish Days - Malecon Dive, Manila

In Empire Days - Santa Cruz Church and Plaza

Santa Lucia Gate to Walled City

Union Church

Calle Rosario, principal Chinese business street of Manila

Bilibid Prison

Binondo Lift Bridge

Monkey Cage, Botanical Gardens

Bridge of Spain

Bridge of Spain

Calle Rosario

Manila City Hall

Estero Sibacong, Tondo

Fort Santiago

Germinal Cigar Factory

Insular Ice Plant

Isabel Gate to Walled City

La Insular Cigar and Cigarette Factory

Malacanan Palace, Residence of Governor-General

Monte de Piedad Catholic Church Pawnshop and Saving Bank

Plaza Morga

Post Office Manila

Rear of La Quinta Market

Rear View of Quinta Market

San Miguel Brewery

Bureau of Science Building

Tondo Beach
Tondo Market

Malacanan Palace, Residence of Governor-General

Ayuntamiento Building, Headquarters of the Civil Government in the Philippines decorated for July 4th.

Binondo Church

Calle Palacio

Cementerio Del Norte

Estado Mayor, Headquarters of the Department of Luzon. U.S. Army


Shipping in the Pasig River

Plaza de Goiti

Real Gate, Walled City

Plaza Sto, Tomas

Parian Gate

Santa Lucia Gate to Walled City.

Army and Navy Club

Calle Carriedo

Anda Monument and Landing

Pasig River

Manila Bay Breakwater

Paco Estero

Front view of Ayala Bridge across Pasig River.

Philippine Carnival, Review Stand.

Santa Cruz Canal


  1. Thanks for these vintage photos of old Pinas. They make memories talk.

  2. Good day! I am a researcher from GMA News TV – Kiko Rustia presents: Dis Is Pinas. It is a weekly 30-minute block-timer program that features various Philippine heritage sites like landmarks, historical buildings and other significant natural structures.
    We would like to ask for your permission to borrow these pictures. We will be using it for our upcoming episode about Manila on June 21, 2014, Saturday 11:30am-12nn. Rest assured that we will give you proper courtesy/ credits for the pictures. If you could also provide us your email so that we could send our formal letter to you. Thank you and God bless!

    1. Sure you can use them just give credit to my site.

  3. Even at 72YO, I'm still too young to have seen the glory days of Manila. I was a freshman college student in the late 50's so I can barely relate, though strongly in a few cases, with most of the photos. What I am most concerned, however, the postcard No. 285 labeled "City Hall, Manila". Does anybody have another version or point of view (taken from another angle) of this structure? I am hardly qualified to challenge the authenticity of this image as that of Manila City but my gut feel says this may be mislabeled. I would be most happy to be corrected.

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  6. Hello! I'm Rachelle Cabanadaa, a student from UP-Manila and I am currently conducting a research on Manila's old bridges. I would like to ask permission on borrowing some of your pictures here. Rest assured you will be given a proper credit


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