Wednesday, November 14, 2012

79. 1960s Native Philippine Christmas Cards

I love vintage ephemera of any kind, especially Christmas greeting cards. I recently got a few native cards I'd like to share. The graphics are colorful, bright and cheerful, and with sentimental messages. Who wouldn't smile upon receiving  these cards during the 1960’s with scenic view of a barrio, fishing in the sea, or a sweet Filipina harvesting in the rice field? Cards are, and have always been, a way to express feelings. You cherish and hold on to them forever, which is why you find almost everywhere.

Greeting cards have been around for over 200 years. You can find them at auctions, flea markets, antique and thrift stores, maybe even your own bodega or storage rooms.

Collecting is fun and usually inexpensive. Decide on a theme of the Christmas cards that you would collect. I personally like cards from the 1930's -1950's with Filipiniana motifs.  It doesn't matter to me what era it was made. I'm drawn to the graphics of that time period.

Condition is important for resale value, but not necessarily for a personal collection. Things to look for are creases, tears, stains and writing. You can expect normal browning of the paper due to age. Most greeting cards have been signed. If you love it, buy it!


  1. Do you know if there are native birthday greeting cards? I really really need one.

  2. I am glad to find this post. I was never reminded of our classic tradition and how people before celebrated this season even without fireworks or what until I saw this feature cards with native people. The photos are amazing. =)

    Christmas in the Philippines

  3. I love your Christmas cards. May I re-publish them in my blog "Manila Nostalgia" this month ? I would really appreciate it and of course cite credit to your website.

  4. Hi Lou, Sure you can publish them in your blog.

  5. Wow this is very nice, love it, pwede ko rin po ba na i-post to sa aking instagram account sa aaw ng pasko po, i-credit ko nalang po ung pinoy kollektor blog po? ��

  6. sana sa sinaunang panahon ako pinganak....