Wednesday, February 8, 2012

65. 1970s ACTION TRANSFERS by SHELL, a fun childhood plaything.

Before Shell (Gas company) used Ferrari collectibles cars as promotional items they used Letraset Action Transfers in the 70s to lure kids and their parents to their gasoline station. These were printed in the Philippines by Colorex Printing House, under the copyright of Letraset Limited, England. 

When I was in grade three, these action transfers was a big hit.  I would ask dad to gas on Shell and buy me these action transfers.  There are many designs and everyone is trying to complete the series. There is the Western Stage Coach Hold-up, Fire Fighters, Indian Animals, Moon Expedition, Water Shorts, Air Battle 1942-1945, Roman Gladiators, Venice 15th Century, Hannibal, Lost City, Whale Hunt and many more.  My favorites were the Moon Expedition which reminds me of Man’s first landing on Moon and Whale Hunt because of the cartoon Moby Dick. 

The objective is to transfer the action picture to the panorama board by rubbing the picture film to create your own unique adventure picture.  To do it properly here is a simple instruction -  Place a small transfer picture in the desired position and, taking care it does not move, with a soft pencil or the smooth back of a spoon, run over the film. Peel back film leaving the picture in transferred position. If on peeling there are any signs of tearing, press the film back and rub over again. For most durable results, rub over the transfer picture with the backing.

These things remind us of our childhood when life was simpler and unsophisticated, a time free from of PC, DS Lite and PSP. 

Letraset Action Transfer - Hannibal

Action Transfer - Fire Fighters

Action Transfer - India

Action Transfer - Pacific 1942-1954

Action Transfer - Moon Expedition and Whales

Action pictures transferred on the art board

Unused Action Transfer - Whales

Other Action Transfers, found at the back
Printed in the Philippines by Colorex Printing House.  Logo of Shell at the back