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56. QUEZONIANA Collection (Pres. Manuel L. Quezon Memorabilia)

Manuel L Quezon's photos during his early 20's
By collecting Pres. Quezon’s memorabilia I pay homage to this foremost statesman, patriot, and leader. It is my hope that our people will continue to remember the great Pres. Quezon through these items, in the years to come and will forever bear in our mind his love for freedom and independence.

President Quezon left many important legacies to us Filipinos. Some of which worth mentioning were his courage in fighting for our freedom and independence in peace or war. He was a brilliant young practicing lawyer; he strongly campaigned for Philippine independence in the U.S.A, he had wisdom in the performance of his duties and responsibilities as Senate President and subsequently President of the Philippines, he had a dynamic and inspiring leadership not only of his political party but also of the country, He was a passionate nationalist, he had unquestionable honesty and integrity as a public official, and he was very loyal and had total dedication to the welfare and happiness of his beloved Fatherland.  We are heirs to the visions and struggles of Quezon and must protect our freedom that he fought for.

I hope that these memorabilia would inspire us and that we may lead a life just like our beloved President Quezon.

Real photo postcard of  Manuel Quezon with Filipino expatriates in Washington D.C.
Taken on Quezon's Birthday in August 1912

Different business cards of Manuel L Quezon when he was the Senate President
and President of the Philippines

 Pres. Quezon's letter to Aurora dated June 18, 1937. Written on Hotel Everglades Stationary.

Mrs. Aurora Quezon's EX-LIBRIS, showing profile of the the late Pres. Manuel Quezon (Left).
Ex-Libris of Malacanang Palace during the Commonwealth Era (Right)

Photo of the President's family taken in Malacanang Palace

Flyer given during the 1st Commonwealth Anniversary

Real photo postcard of Manuel L Quezon, Sergio Osmena and a US Official.

A letter of Manuel L Quezon to his wife Aurora on Dec. 10 (1936) . Signed as HUBBY MANUEL
Different medals to commemorate Pres. Manuel L. Quezon
Caricature of Pres. Quezon by GAT on This Week Magazine August 1948

Signed photo of Pres. Manuel L Quezon

Postcard addressed to Miss Aurora Aragon (Later Mrs. Quezon) by then Philippine Assembly delegate Manuel L. Quezon. Dated July 30, 1911. Quezon signed his initials M.L.Q.

Reception and Ball invitation by the President and Mrs Quezon in honor of the
Members of the National Assembly 

Signing of the 1935 Philippine Constitution by US President Franklin Roosevelt. Together with Quezon are  Filipinos and American who fought for Philippine independence.

Telegram addressed to Quezon . Dated July 6, 1907
Sample ballot for the 1935 Presidential Election. At the back is a photo of Gen. Artemio Ricarte and Manuel L. Quezon

ID of historian Jose P Santos assigning him as Nombramiento De Interventor for the Partido Nacionalista-Democratico during the 1935 presidential election. Signed by Manuel L Quezon.
Banquet in Honor of Manuel L Quezon for his success in having the Jones Bill passed by the Congress of the United States.
The Jones Bill provides that the grant of independence would come only "as soon as a stable government can be established", which gave the United States Government the power to determine when this "stable government" has been achieved. It aimed at providing the Filipino people broader domestic autonomy, though it reserved certain privileges to the United States  to protect their sovereign rights and interests.

Mass card for the Death Anniversary of Pres. Manuel L. Quezon on August 1944

20 Pesos banknote commemoration the Birth Centenary (1878-1978) of  Pres. Manuel L. Quezon

Eastern Phone Card featuring Pres. Manuel L. Quezon inauguration of President of the Philippines in 1935
First Day Cover - Manuel L Quezon, Statesman and Patriot , Champion of Social Justice , and Exponent of Dynamic Filipinism

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