Thursday, October 20, 2011

51. ANTIQUE Original Philippine Music (OPM) ... Music Time Has Forgotten

A 78 rpm record with early DYNA label
ANTIQUE  is term used for old collectible that represents a previous era or time period in human society.  I called this antique music because we have forgotten these Filipino artists and their songs. Some of them became National Artist for Music like Atang Dela Rama, Jovita Funtes, Levi Celerio, and Antonio Molina for their contribution to the development of Philippine music.

All of these records were pressed in shellac, 78 rpm format.  Earlier record materials were a rather brittle formula of 25% shellac, a filler of a cotton compound similar to manila paper, powdered slate, and a small amount of a wax lubricant. The record size is 10 inches in diameter with two – three minutes of playing time.

We are more familiar with Original Pilipino Music (OPM) that became popular in the late 1970s when Filipino music composers started to make pop songs in Pilipino, but we should also remember this genre of older music.   I would like to share some of these early Philippine records.

Pre-War Years (1908 - 1941)

Post war years (1945 - 1965)


  1. I also used to collect these so-called 78rpms. But the problem in collecting these shellacs is their vulnerability. No matter how hard you try to keep them, they keep on breaking because, as they aged, they become more brittle. Nevertheless, it is indeed worth collecting and very satisfying indeed, especially if you own a Gramophone with which to play them..the sounds it produce is beautifully nostalgic what with all its pops and hisses.
    Your collection is very valuable and very important. They serve as our vital connection to our rich colonial heritage.

    1. may mga binebenta po akong mga plaka...baka gusto nyo pong bilhin?

  2. You are right Dennis, these 78 rpm records are very fragile. I broke some while cleaning them. I hope I can preserve them. Thanks for you comments.