Saturday, October 1, 2011

44. BAGUIO CITY During the 1930s in Postcards

Session Road

While looking at my stuff, I saw this group of old postcards of Baguio. These postcards were manufactured especially for JAPANESE BAZAAR and were sold to tourists who visited Baguio in the late 1930s.  The scenes would remind us how the city looks like before the war. Surprisingly these cards were made by a Japanese novelty shop because at that time most of Philippine view postcards were made in the US and in Europe.

Baguio is commonly referred to as The Summer Capital of the Philippines, or The City of Pines. Whatever you want to call Baguio City, the one thing remains constant in comparison to the rest of the Philippines, is its cool climate.  

Baguio is fresh and delightful, as you start your final ascent to Baguio, you can smell the pine trees before you can see them; the smell is clean and crisp and is a great way to start your journey and exploration of this unique city.
The Washington Hotel and Alhamar Theatre

Wright Park

Grotto, Virgin Observatory

Baguio City Scene

Market Plaza

Mirador, Jesuit Observatory

Officers' Dormitory, Camp John Hay

Pines Hotel

Baguio Cathedral

Dominican Hill

Golf Course and Lagoon
Mansion House
Benguet Consolidated Mining Company Camp
Back of the Postcard. Manufactured Especially for Japanese Bazaar, Baguio, P.I.

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