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35. SINGER SEWING MACHINE in the Philippines

The Singer Sewing Machine Company was established in the Philippines in 1882. Its product, the sewing machine, became so popular among the Filipino families that it had virtually became a household fixture

Singer Sewing Machine advertisement in 1910
So simple to use and durable, that by 1912, over 250,000 units were sold by its 300 outlets, providing employment to 1,500 Filipino workers.
Contributing to the popularity of this product was the massive advertising promo embarked by this company both in the print media and the air lanes.
In the print department, the company had also issued and distributed several eye-catching and colorful postcards and trade cards over the years, which are now considered rare objects of collection

Photo featuring the Singer store in Escolta. At the turn-of-the-century,
Singer has 2 stores in Manila, one in Escolta No 58 and another in Plaza Morga No. 11.

Postcard featuring the Singer store in Escolta

Postcard featuring the Singer store in Escolta

An 1893 Singer advertisement card featuring the LADIES OF MANILA. This was taken at the Fotografia Inglesia at No. 9 Escolta, Manila. At the back of card is a brief description of the lithograph. The seated lady at right was the model in another Singer card.

Early advertisement of Singer Sewing Machine being featured at the 
1893 Universal Exposition in Chicago. The Sewing machine is sold in
Escolta, Tacloban, Cebu and Iloilo.

1890 advertisement of Singer Sewing Machine that was being sold at
A beautiful Meztiza was featured in the Singer trade card.  The illustration was reproduced from a photograph taken in Manila in 1892 and intended to form part of the series of National Costume cards prepared for distribution at the Chicago Exposition
Same trade card as above but with different design at the back of card

An early trade card featuring the Singer sewing machine as a popular household appliance used by the Filipino family.  The word MANILA is printed a the left portion of the card.  At the back, the singer No.66-1 model is featured.
1892 Singer trade card depicting a native Filipino and Filipina belle using the Singer Sewing Machine. The sewing Machine shown in the picture is one of the earliest models of Singer where one has to sit on the floor in order to use it. Inscribed at the back of the card is a short historical background of Manila
At the back of the American Singer Series card is an advertisement showing the LADIES OF MANILA. This was part of Singer advertisement featuring of Birds of America and Women of all nation who uses the Singer sewing machine.

Group of Filipinas having their picture taken with the Singer Sewing Machine. Circa 1910

Singer Sewing Machine receipt in form of a paper money issued to a certain Agripima Singson on April 4, 1914.  The amount Diez Pesos (Ten Pesos)  for the rental of the machine for a month .   Written at the back:  " No other payment by those made on a receipt like this will be recognized by Singer Sewing Machine Company."  in English and Spanish.
Trade card featuring the famous Hinulugang Tak-Tak Falls. At the back of the cards,
Singer motor and light model, is featured

Trade card featuring the Philippine Legislative Building. At the back of the cards,
Singer five drawer cabinet table, Machine No 15-86, is featured
Trade card featuring the Mayon Volcano. At the back of the cards,
Singer five drawer cabinet table, Machine No 15-86, is featured
Instruction booklet for Singer model 27k  and 28k
Singer flyer for installment terms

Singer discount card which also features the Singer Oil and Singer Needle

Singer Sewing Machine Co. receipt dated Jan 3, 1924 issues in Manila

1951 Singer Sewing Machine Co. emblem


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  2. Super informative blog, thank you for sharing your passion and letting us non-collector learn from you and the impact and history of a singer sewing machine.

  3. Ano po ang pangalan ng old building ng tindahan ng makina ng Singer sa # 9 Escolta, Manila ?

  4. I want to sell my old singer sewing machine, how much you buy? tanx..

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  6. Hi! I just want to ask if the old Singer building located at the Bonofacio Dr. Port Area, Manila is one of its first factory.

  7. Singer Building at the Port Area was just the Central Office. The factory that I know was in Taytay but not sure if that was the first.

  8. Pinoy Kollector: Thank you for including Singer in your collections. We have a Singer group in facebook and they love it.

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  11. I need a restorer . My machine is the five-drawer type shown in the pics above.

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