Monday, June 20, 2011

26. LAWTON, more than a Plaza in Manila (banknote)

Plaza Lawton in Manila was named after General Henry W. Lawton, which was later renamed Liwasang Bonifacio.  Lawton was the first American general and the highest ranking officer to fall during the US-Philippine War in 1899.  He was very popular among the US volunteers and soldiers, and was so well-respected in the Philippines because of his bravery and numerous victories during the war. 

At the Battle of Paye (San Mateo, Rizal), Lawton, was killed by a Filipino sharpshooter, under the command of  Aguinaldo’s general Licerio Geronimo. Lawton laid in wake at the chapel in Paco Cemetery Manila. On December 30, 1899, his body left the Philippines on board the transport ship USS Thomas and was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

To remember him by, his image appeared on our currency during the American period. 

1907 Philippine Island Treasury Check
1920  Philippine National Bank , 50 Pesos
1945 Central Bank of the Philippines Treasury Certificate, 50 Pesos

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