Monday, February 28, 2011

13. UST MUSEUM 100 Years Ago

During our visit to the UST museum last Jan 2011 we have seen a lot of stuffed animals. This is one of the largest collections of stuffed animals around the world and some of them are already extinct.  I am glad that they were preserved for future generations to see. 

These postcards by Vicente Arias during the turn-of-the-century take us back in time to how the collection looks like way back then. Unfortunately, some of them were lost during the war. Surprisingly one of the large snake was preserved. 

I would like to share this magazine from the 1960s - UST Museum of Arts and Sciences.  It has a very interesting insight about the museum's collection during that time.


  1. Hi. Can I request permission to use one of your pictures for the Wikipedia article on UST's history?