Monday, February 28, 2011


Turn-of-the-century postcards featuring an artist rendition of what the Americans has considered the colonized Filipinos to be - “The White Man’s Burden”.  Pretending earlier to be good friends and allies of the Filipinos in their common fight against the Spaniards, the American had no qualms double-crossing the unsuspecting Aguinaldo and is hapless leaders and followers in the pursuit of its colonial policy.  And after successfully inflicting on the Philippines its imperialist design which has nurtured since the star of the Spanish-American War, Uncle Sam has the gall and the territory to add insult to injury by labeling its poor victims, the colonized Filipinos, as a “white man’s burden”. 

 Other insulting postcards about the Filipinos


  1. Do you have dates for any of these images? And were they offered in the Philippines and other parts of the world, or were they only sold in the U.S.? Thank you so much!

  2. Perhaps, this was to insinuate John T. Morgan's plan to transfer all Negroes to the Philippines to solve the Negro Problem.