Sunday, November 21, 2010

9. GEORGE DEWEY an Admiral named after a boulevard

We all remember Dewey boulevard, now Roxas boulevard, but not the man behind the famous road.  Admiral George Dewey became famous in his victory in the “Battle of Manila Bay” on May 1, 1898 .  Dewey launched his attack, through mined waters and firing shore batteries, on Admiral Patricio Montojo's outmoded Spanish squadron at Cavite in Manila Bay.  He engaged the Spanish forces and defeated them, inflicting heavy casualties. Dewey’s troops occupied the bay and Manila itself alone until General Wesley Merritt's soldiers arrived in August.

Dewey Boulevard now Roxas Boulevard
Dewey’s victory in Manila Bay reached President McKinley and soon Dewey became a national hero. He was so popular, that many souvenir items were made to celebrate their victory against Spain. These postcards reminded us Dewey’s feat in Manila.

Admiral George Dewey

Admiral Dewey and Victory

Admiral Dewey, President McKinley, and Gen. Merritt

U.S.S. "Olympia" and Admiral Dewey

Admiral Dewey's Flagship "Olympia"

US Cruiser "Olympia" Dewey's Flagship at the Battle of Manila

Protected Cruiser "Olympia"