Friday, November 26, 2010

10. Let's Volt In .... Voltes V vs Pres. Marcos

Voltes V and the rest of the Super Robots (Daimos, Mazinger Z and UFO Grendizer) were the best thing that ever happened to me during my childhood years.  From Monday to Friday at 6:00 p.m every kid in the subdivision was glued to their black and white TV set watching their favorite Super Robot cartoons. After the show my friends and I would meet outside and discuss how these Super Robots destroy their enemies. For me it was like watching a Manny Paquiao bout everyday at 6:00 p.m., that is how exciting it was.

We would buy a pack of Purefoods hotdog in Gotesco, Caloocan to get a free Voltes V giveaway. Everyday I would nag my mom to buy me a Voltes V robot. She said if she buys one then we would not eat for a month because it costs a month’s wage. Instead of buying Voltes V, I settled for a Mekanda Robot which was cheaper.  In 1979 at the peak of its popularity a big diecast Voltes V robot would cost around 900 pesos which is about 45,000.00 now. So I just bought what we can afford -- coloring books, tex cards, vinyl records, posters, Questor magazines, etc.

VOLTES V Purefoods Hotdog Advertisement, every Friday at 6:0pm on Channel 7

Then the dreaded thing happened, President Ferdinand Marcos banned Voltes V and other robot cartoons "because of excessive violence".  I felt so heart broken and angry, parang na busted ako ng 10 times.  Sobrang sakit Kuya Eddie…  How I hated Marcos back then, kung nakamamatay ang galit napatay ko na si Marcos.  It is a pity that we do not have pirated DVD in 1979 . Para akong nanakawan ng masayang childhood memory.

From Marxspital photo (

After the ouster of Pres. Marcos Voltes V show was later aired in 1986 but the excitement and joy of watching it as a kid was not there anymore. Each one of us had a fun childhood memory and these Super Robot cartoons were mine.

I was able to preserve some of them and bought others that were lost in the floods at  Malabon.  Glad that I was able to find some of Voltes V memorabilia that I loved as a child.

Voltes V bookmarks by Purefoods Hotdogs, these have ribbon on top.
Complete set of Voltes V bookmarks by Purefoods Hotdogs

Voltes V coloring book by Purefoods Hotdogs

Coloring book inside page

Mazinger Z Coloring book by PUREFOODS

UFO Grendizer Coloring book by QUESTOR

VOLTES V Trade Cards issued NEW SOONLY FOOD PRODUCTS in Valenzuela, M.M.
Voltes V Teks Cards

Voltes V Stickers. Made in Japan
Voltes V, Mekanda Robot and Combattler V Stickers. 
To view my other Super Robot sticker collection, visit this SITE.

Voltes V Comic book published in the Philippines by QUESTOR

1979 Voltes V puzzle by QUESTOR

Questor Science Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1
Featuring Voltes V, Daimos and UFO Grendizer

Inside pages of Questor Mag No. 1

Questor Science Magazine Vol. 1 No. 2
featuring Mazinger Z

Questor Science Magazine Vol. 1 No. 3featuring Mekanda Robot

Inside page of Questor Magazine No.3 featuring Mekanda Robot
Questor Science Magazine Vol. 1 No. 4featuring UFO Grendizer

Daimos Stickers

Mazinger Z Stickers sold in sari-sari stores
Earth Defenders Comic book published in the Philippines

Voltes V 45 rpm Single record by OctoArts Recording

QUESTOR Super Robot LP Record

MEKANDA ROBOT 45 rpm Single record by OctoArts Recording

The Original VOLTES V - MAZINGER Z LP record
Voltes V and other Super Robot records. Local and Japanese pressing.

1979 Voltes V  bookmarks by Questor

Voltes V and Mazinger Z Playing Cards.  My mom bought this in Ever Gotesco, Monumento unfortunately I lost the other cards. I am looking for a complete set of these cards. . Email me at if you have
Back of the Playing Cards

1978 Voltes V Playing Cards, i am glad that someone sold me these cards. Still looking for the complete Mazinger Z playing cards

1978 Voltes V plastic mask sold in Divisoria.

1979 Purefoods Voltes V sticker

1979 Purefoods Mazinger Z stickers

1979 Voltes V sticker / decal sold in sari sari stores

Grendizer Rub On sticker
Vintage promotional Voltes V glasses issued by Questor

BAZINGER D (Mazinger Z) Teks Cards


New MACINGER C (Mazinger Z) Teks Cards

Various Super Robot Teks Cards

Super Robots comic books released in Hong Kong

Newly produced Mazinger Z toy and other tin toys
Super Robot Toys and other collectibles
Voltes V on Leather patch

Bootleg Voltes V toys sold by sidewalk vendors

Dangard Ace TV Times Magazine Poster

Mekanda Robot TV Times Magazine Poster

Voltes V Magazine Poster

Voltes V 6:00-6:30 P.M., Friday, GMA 7, brought to you by Purefoods Hotdog

GETTA ROBOT on IBC 13 every Sunday at 6:30 P.M

Dangard Ace, Balatak, JEEG, Starzinger, and Striker Force on
RPN Channel 9 every 5:30 p.m

DANGARD ACE on RPN 9 every Thursday at 6:00 P.M

Battle of the Planets on IBC 13

TV TIMES magazine article about the SUPER ROBOTS

CANDY CANDY and RON RON replaced the Super Robots when
Pres. Marcos banned the latter

Winners of the Questor Super Robots Contest
Star Rangers Teks Cards
RANGERS 5 (Star Rangers) Teks Cards


  1. everything you have here is awesome.....brings back good childhood memories.....julius

  2. Can you scan all the pages of the voltes v purefood coloring book? Thank you. Pete

  3. bka gusto mo buy voltes v trading cards ko? bale early 8os dn sya lumabas.

  4. Email me at so we can discuss the Voltes V trading cards

  5. wow! completo lahat. do you have the issue ng questor magazine wherein they announced the winners ng contest nila? pwede please paki scan? I remember nanalo ako dun and my name was published. TIA! Great collection

  6. I want to buy some items from you sir

  7. Hi Allen, Thanks for your interest on my items but these are my personal collection. I will inform you if ever I get duplicates. Ed

  8. I want to use some of the pics and post it in facebook so just to make aware of the new generations how interesting our generation is..or if you already have a facebook group, can i join?

  9. Hi Anonymous. You can use them in your Facebook but give credit to my site. Regard Ed

  10. Hi! Can i use some of the photos for my personalized shirt? Thanks

  11. Hi Bland, Sure you can use my photos as long as it is for personal use only and not for commercial use. Enjoy. Ed

  12. Thanks for sharing the love for the 80's!

  13. meron po b kayong longest day tx card salamat po nice colextion po

  14. Hi Anonymous, I do have the LONGEST DAY Teks Card. You can view my blog on teks cards here

  15. OMG. This is one of the things that makes my elementary days worth remembering. Lagi akong nagmamadaling umuwi noon from school para makapanood ng Voltes V and other animation shows sa TV. I think Fridays 6 pm pinalalabas ang Voltes V. Meron ding Mazinger Z, Balatack, Daimos, UFO Grendaizer, and Star Rangers noon. Really, nakakatuwang magbalik-tanaw. Galit din ako noon nang i-ban ni Marcos ang mga cartoons dahil daw nakakasira ng pag-aaral ng mga bata. Tingnan nyo naman ngayon, mas masahol pa ang mga bata dahil puro video games ang alam. I remember making masks out of cartolina para isuot namin ng mga kalaro ko. Meron pang mga free souvenir items noon ang Voltes V courtesy of Purefoods Hotdogs. Sobrang sikat ng Voltes V kaya merong group na nag-record ng Tagalog version nito:

    "Sana ngayon kami ay malaki na
    Upang makatulong sa hustisya
    Lilipulin namin ang masasamang tao
    Itatapon sa loob na kalaboso.

    Ang mga snatcher, carnapper, holdupper
    Dognapper at mga ?????
    Lilipulin naming lahat (2x)

    Voltes V tatandaan. Yan po ang tatak namin (Voltes V!)
    Pag nakita ninyo kami, magtago na kayo
    Walang biro, lagot kayo
    Pati na lolo nyo!

    Voltes V! Tandaan!"

    I'm teary-eyed. Sarap maging bata uli.

    1. Salamat sa pag share mo ng Voltes V Tagalog version. Ako din meron kinakantang tagalog version noon pero medyo bastos… lol. Tama ka at masayang magbalik sa ating kabataan. Ok lang na tumatanda tayo pero nananatiling bata ang ating mga puso at diwa. Ed

    2. ganda pre! questor zine,popy voltes v & camp big!brings back many memories playing teks during recess,secretly doing coloring books/drawing the latest beast fighter as classes go on,then rushing home after school to catch super robot cartoons in our wooden black/white tv :D

    3. Hi Hippie Commie... I am glad that you like my post. Truly Voltes V & other Super Robot brings back many happy memories when we were kids. Ed

    4. hi sir i'm steve from pasig, nice collection! talagang nakakawalang pagod pag binabalik ang panahon. i still have with me my VOLT IN BOX kahit na inanay na yung box sa tagal ng panahon but everything are still in. sir, where were you able to recover your collection? i also have the QUESTOR 1 AND 2 but still want to have the 3 and 4.

      SM released in 1997 or 98 (?) collectibles for the 20th anniversary of Voltes V. nakabili ako ng stickers, book markers and even posters, but i still want to have the original by purefoods. hope you can help me sir.

    5. Hi Steve, I will let you know if ever i find extra copies of purefoods Voltes V memorabilia.

  16. Fascinating!

  17. Ang lupeet mo!! Yun Earth Greatest Defender meron ako nyan nun bata ako, and ending sa Pinas bumagsak yun asteroids at nandun si Daimos . Yun Balatak robot now ko lang uli sya na alala. As well as Starzinger, I remember when i was a kid meron ako nabiling staff na tulad ng hawak nya. Yun magazine na Questor Volume 4 about Grandizer may Centerfold pic sya na makikita Half of grandizer body internal parts. Haay!!! kakamiss nun kabataan. Kailangan Lima kayo para isayaw ang voltes v habang pina patugtog ang plaka.

    1. Salamat sa iyong comment... by remembering Voltes V, we are always reminded of our childhood. So always keep these fond memories in our hearts to stay young.

    2. hi sir i'm steve, can you help me find the questor 3 and 4 including the coloring books, stickers and book markers? where can i search for them sir?

  18. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your RSS feed and I hope you write again soon! I just ordered these consoles at PIJ! I’m excited! I’m going to have these in week!

  19. galing ng collections mo...

  20. Thank you for posting your collections. Brings back a lot of childhood memories specially after seeing my name as one of the winners of the a poster in the Questor Scholar Hunt. Your items should be displayed in a museum. Thanks again!

    Sidney Sia

  21. Great... brings back good memories

  22. Awesome collections!!! Yup, these were the "good old days" of our childhood alright. From time to time we can always look back to these whenever we're feeling down, I tell my kids about my play days are mostly outside, playing kung anong uso na laro for that month and your collections brought me lots of great memories...THANKS ng marami!


  23. Hey that Lunar Expedition tank you have, I had exactly the same tin tank before. Awesome! Brings back childhood memories. When we went to New Zealand (but we came back coz there was no work) all of my coloring books, bookmarks, Questor (1st edition) went missing. All I have are the stickers, the robot (big & small). Anyways, it's really great looking at your collections. God bless!

  24. Wow we Martial Law babies really have very fun childhood moments. Seeing these items again bring back the good old days. I myself have a vinyl record of Voltes V exactly the same one you have. I think it is still working, don't have record player to use it with though. It's the one made by Octo Arts. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Salamat at nagustuhan mo ang collection ko.

  25. Thanks for the memories. Your the man!

  26. meron ako nito pero sayang...

  27. What can I say.... time travel is possible..not physically but at least in our minds, there are closed life experiences that are opened again so that we can vividly go back the way we were....

  28. Galing naman... Yan ang treasure ng mga 1st Gen Otaku! Mabuti at na-preserve ang lahat ng yan... I may be born at a later generation, right now, am starting to collect otaku goods as well.

    Natuwa naman ako dun sa ipinalit nila sa mga super robots, Candy-Candy...

    Though am not particularly a die hard fan of super robots, well, I do like Gundams, I appreciate your efforts to showcase to us the past. Very nostalgic, indeed! Keep it up!

  29. Naalala ko pa nung NAG AARAL ako as FEU Recto(that was 1977 Grade 1)bago ako umuwi pumupunta ko sa ALEMARS para tingnan ko yung DISPLAY na VOLTES V sabi ko sa sarili ko BALANG ARAW MAGKAKAROON ako nyan, eto ako ngayon me APAT na SOUL of CHOGOKIN (SOC) na VOLTES V tig dalawa nung makaibang color! Malaki laki na rin collection ko halos lahat ng SOC na Gusto ko BINILI ko, kasalukuyan kong inaantay yung SOC DANGUARD ACE sabi ng supplier by the end of JUNE 2013 daw.


    1. Keep on collecting. Ako din bumili ng bagong mga Voltes V robot ng Bandai. Kuminsan pinaglalaruan ko pa... LOL.

  30. This really, really brightened my day. Feel like I'm 9 years old again :))

  31. Grabe nakakatuwa naman yung collections mo :)

  32. Awesome! This reminds me of when I visited the PI in 1980 and Voltes V was all the rage. My parents couldn't afford to get me one of those die-cast metal robots, but I got an awesome coloring book instead. I can't remember which it was, but I do remember one page where Voltes V (or another "good" robot) was totally slicing an enemy in half (from head to crotch). It was brutal! Would you by chance happen to know (or have) that coloring book? That was my favorite page to color! Let me know. Thanks!

    1. Actually I just read your story again. It must have been 1979 then, when I visited…just before Marcos banned them all!

  33. you know...I also have these things way back when I was in elementary school...sadly when we transferred to another house a lot of them were lost, including a whole lot of comics magazines (DC, marvel, etc.) which have been shown in movies in the past years. I also remember a very nice story line in comic books entitled The Iron Fist, Red Sonja, and others. I still have my Voltes V robot though which came in individual boxes and on the back of the box is a photo of the Japanese designer of the toy robot. Inside each box is a foldout technical drawing of the machine and when it is volted-in it stands about 12 to 14 inches in height. How I miss those days!!! I am hoping to find a torrent for the Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Daimos, Danguard Ace, etc. english episodes.

  34. you brought tears in my eyes...i had the big diecast Voltes V but lost it! all i have now is the vcd collection together with Daimos. Thank You So Very Much.

  35. You bring back may childhood days!!! Anyway Im collecting also some of memorabilia ng Voltes V pero sa iyo almost makumpleto mo ang memorabilia ng Voltes V sa pinas kainggit baka may sobra pwede nating pag usapan lalo na yung poster voltes v advertisement and questor

  36. Hello po! Maaari ko po ba kayo mainterview parap o sa aking Case Study? Paano ko po kayo macocontact ng mas pribado? Salamat po!

  37. You're great Pinoy Kollektor!!! Bet you had watched the finale of Voltes V. It was shown in cinemas, i think 2004? I am also an avid fan of Voltes V and Candy Candy. Thanks again for bringing back time. Mabuhay!!!

    1. Thanks Owie.... I did watch the final episode of Voltes V, nakaka touch. he he he. It reminded me of my childhood days when I was 10 years old. Sobrang nabitin tayo noon ng ipa cancel ni Marcos lahat ng Super Robot cartoons. This will be my contribution to our generation.

  38. Sir can help me? San ko po pwede iparestor ang original Voltes V robot ko at un kulang na kamay

    1. In Greenhills Shopsville there are toy stores you inquire and find good restorers there. Occasionally on eBay you can buy some parts for your toy.

  39. Getta Robot = Getter Robo (what a misspelling)
    Striker Force (what a generic name) = Blocker Gundan 4 Machine Blaster (the most obscure?)

  40. yes! every friday at 6pm, lahat ng bata sa apartment where we used to live, mag-uuwian galing sa paglalaro sa labas, para manood ng Voltes V! :-)

  41. Hi sir.. i remember the trading cards at yung mga stickers sold sa mga tindahan na katabi ng mga school hahaha..di ko malimutan yung trading cards kasi yung baon ko pinangbibili o lang ng ganayan nung makumpleto ko pinatalo ko lang sa larong pitik...iyak ako eh hehehehe...nice colections po sir!


  42. Lupit nito, brings a lot of my childhood. Too bad nasira un mga coloring books ng mga kuya ko, un mga stickers ko ng Voltes V nawala ko. Anyway Im still collecting some new stuff until today pero iba talaga iyong mga retro items! Kudos Boss!

  43. I have been looking for a shop, online or otherwise, that sells 80's robot shirts, can someone please, please, please, point me in the right direction? Thank you so much!

  44. in the days of pre-astig authority years,Gundam First ruled the late 1990s-early 2000s with Gundam wing,G gundam and Gundam X.then four years later in 2003,Both Voltes V And Daimos returned for the third time.

  45. And just like that...I am 8 years old again. Thank you for bringing back memories of the happiest time in my life.

    1. Hi Joey. Glad that you like my blog. Watching these Super robots were the happiest moments of my childhood and I am glad I was able to share them with you.

  46. Hi,

    Thank you for providing this great collection of yours... was happy showing this to my son and describing days of these great robot shows..

    Really appreciate it.