Friday, November 26, 2010

10. Let's Volt In .... Voltes V vs Pres. Marcos

Voltes V and the rest of the Super Robots (Daimos, Mazinger Z and UFO Grendizer) were the best thing that ever happened to me during my childhood years.  From Monday to Friday at 6:00 p.m every kid in the subdivision was glued to their black and white TV set watching their favorite Super Robot cartoons. After the show my friends and I would meet outside and discuss how these Super Robots destroy their enemies. For me it was like watching a Manny Paquiao bout everyday at 6:00 p.m., that is how exciting it was.

We would buy a pack of Purefoods hotdog in Gotesco, Caloocan to get a free Voltes V giveaway. Everyday I would nag my mom to buy me a Voltes V robot. She said if she buys one then we would not eat for a month because it costs a month’s wage. Instead of buying Voltes V, I settled for a Mekanda Robot which was cheaper.  In 1979 at the peak of its popularity a big diecast Voltes V robot would cost around 900 pesos which is about 45,000.00 now. So I just bought what we can afford -- coloring books, tex cards, vinyl records, posters, Questor magazines, etc.

VOLTES V Purefoods Hotdog Advertisement, every Friday at 6:0pm on Channel 7

Then the dreaded thing happened, President Ferdinand Marcos banned Voltes V and other robot cartoons "because of excessive violence".  I felt so heart broken and angry, parang na busted ako ng 10 times.  Sobrang sakit Kuya Eddie…  How I hated Marcos back then, kung nakamamatay ang galit napatay ko na si Marcos.  It is a pity that we do not have pirated DVD in 1979 . Para akong nanakawan ng masayang childhood memory.

From Marxspital photo (

After the ouster of Pres. Marcos Voltes V show was later aired in 1986 but the excitement and joy of watching it as a kid was not there anymore. Each one of us had a fun childhood memory and these Super Robot cartoons were mine.

I was able to preserve some of them and bought others that were lost in the floods at  Malabon.  Glad that I was able to find some of Voltes V memorabilia that I loved as a child.

Voltes V bookmarks by Purefoods Hotdogs, these have ribbon on top.
Complete set of Voltes V bookmarks by Purefoods Hotdogs

Voltes V coloring book by Purefoods Hotdogs

Coloring book inside page

Mazinger Z Coloring book by PUREFOODS

UFO Grendizer Coloring book by QUESTOR

VOLTES V Trade Cards issued NEW SOONLY FOOD PRODUCTS in Valenzuela, M.M.
Voltes V Teks Cards

Voltes V Stickers. Made in Japan
Voltes V, Mekanda Robot and Combattler V Stickers. 
To view my other Super Robot sticker collection, visit this SITE.

Voltes V Comic book published in the Philippines by QUESTOR

1979 Voltes V puzzle by QUESTOR

Questor Science Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1
Featuring Voltes V, Daimos and UFO Grendizer

Inside pages of Questor Mag No. 1

Questor Science Magazine Vol. 1 No. 2
featuring Mazinger Z

Questor Science Magazine Vol. 1 No. 3featuring Mekanda Robot

Inside page of Questor Magazine No.3 featuring Mekanda Robot
Questor Science Magazine Vol. 1 No. 4featuring UFO Grendizer

Daimos Stickers

Mazinger Z Stickers sold in sari-sari stores
Earth Defenders Comic book published in the Philippines

Voltes V 45 rpm Single record by OctoArts Recording

QUESTOR Super Robot LP Record

MEKANDA ROBOT 45 rpm Single record by OctoArts Recording

The Original VOLTES V - MAZINGER Z LP record
Voltes V and other Super Robot records. Local and Japanese pressing.

VOLT  IN BOX.  Sold in SM and other department stores for 900 pesos only in 1979

1979 Voltes V  bookmarks by Questor

Voltes V and Mazinger Z Playing Cards.  My mom bought this in Ever Gotesco, Monumento unfortunately I lost the other cards. I am looking for a complete set of these cards. . Email me at if you have
Back of the Playing Cards

1978 Voltes V Playing Cards, i am glad that someone sold me these cards. Still looking for the complete Mazinger Z playing cards

1978 Voltes V plastic mask sold in Divisoria.

1979 Purefoods Voltes V sticker

1979 Purefoods Mazinger Z stickers

1979 Voltes V sticker / decal sold in sari sari stores

Grendizer Rub On sticker
Vintage promotional Voltes V glasses issued by Questor

BAZINGER D (Mazinger Z) Teks Cards


New MACINGER C (Mazinger Z) Teks Cards

Various Super Robot Teks Cards

Super Robots comic books released in Hong Kong

Newly produced Mazinger Z toy and other tin toys
Super Robot Toys and other collectibles
Voltes V on Leather patch

Bootleg Voltes V toys sold by sidewalk vendors

CHOWKING's Voltes V Bendable rubber toys,  released in 1999

Dangard Ace TV Times Magazine Poster

Mekanda Robot TV Times Magazine Poster

Voltes V Magazine Poster

Voltes V 6:00-6:30 P.M., Friday, GMA 7, brought to you by Purefoods Hotdog

GETTA ROBOT on IBC 13 every Sunday at 6:30 P.M

Dangard Ace, Balatak, JEEG, Starzinger, and Striker Force on
RPN Channel 9 every 5:30 p.m

DANGARD ACE on RPN 9 every Thursday at 6:00 P.M

Battle of the Planets on IBC 13

TV TIMES magazine article about the SUPER ROBOTS

CANDY CANDY and RON RON replaced the Super Robots when
Pres. Marcos banned the latter

Winners of the Questor Super Robots Contest
Star Rangers Teks Cards
RANGERS 5 (Star Rangers) Teks Cards