Monday, September 6, 2010

7. Fr. Blanco's Flora de Filipinas

One of the best botanical book ever produced in the world was the Flora De Filipinas.  The De luxe edition of Flora de Filipinas, was produced between 1877 and 1883. It was prepared by disciples of Manuel Blanco, including a number of Augustinians. An estimated 500 copies were made.  Blanco recorded the vernacular names of these 1,200 classified plants.  In 1837 he published the first edition of his book, Flora de Filipinas ("Plants of the Philippines").

Flora de Filipina's front cover

The Flora de Filipina was published and printed at the expense of the Province of the Holy Name (the "Philippines Province") of the Order of Saint Augustine. The book was acclaimed by scientists from all over the world.

Four of these volumes contained text in Spanish and Latin, and three volumes were devoted to colored lithographs by C. Verdaguer. The pages measure 17.25 inches by 11.50 inches.

These prints are from a private library. 

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