Monday, September 6, 2010

6. EL ORO's Presidential Medals

From 1950s up to the late 1980s,  EL ORO struck some of the finest Philippine Presidential medals.  “EL ORO” was owned by Jose Tupaz Jr. who once resided in Maria Clara Street, EL ORO their engraving company was located along Highway 54, now EDSA.  His company minted and engraved medals for President Magsaysay up to the time of President Cory Aquino. Those years were considered as the golden years of Philippine medal workmanship. 

It was during the time of Marcos when “El Oro” made the best Philippine awards and medals. He became the official engraver of President Marcos producing thousands of medals, badges, pins and souvenir items for the Philippine Government.  He made Presidential decorations and awards, inauguration medals, police badges, coin patterns, commemorative government and civic medals, and military decorations and awards.  During the latter part of 80’s, the official engraver was changed and saw the decline of Philippine medals being produced. 

Below are some EL ORO medals that I collected.

General Emilio Aguinaldo's 100 years Birth Anniversary

Ramon Magsaysay, 3rd President of the Republic
Carlos P. Garcia,  4th President of the Republic
Diosdado Macapagal,  5th President of the Republic
Pres. Ferdinand Marcos and Vice-Pres. Fernando Lopez  Inauguration Medal
Ferdinand Marcos
Medal Die - Re Elect President Macapagal
Medal Die -  Presidential Seal


  1. fine display of nice medals,
    I am looking for the Philippine medal for the Korean War, so could I contact some philippine collectors?

  2. hi I do have Ferdinand Marcos - Fernando Lopez December 30, 1985 medal. does anyone knows if this has sale value? thanks

  3. hello... i have Ferdinand E. Marcos 1917 - 60th Birth Anniversary - 1977 medal given to me by my late lolo Jose Tupaz jr. how much do you think this can be sold?

  4. Good day sir i have here a commemorative medal by jtupaz jr. Dight D. Eisenhower and Carlos P. Romulo dated June 14-16 1960. how much can i sell this.

  5. Hello, I have inauguration of the President and Vice President dated December 30 1953. Do you know if this has sale value? Th

    1. I dont know how much its worth. How much are you willing to pay for it?

    2. i have ferdinand and imelda inauguration medel.

  6. Sir i have here a Marcos and Imelda Inauguration Medal dated back December 30, 1965. Do you know how much is it?

  7. im BENJIE P. BAYATING ......Sir i have 1965 FERDINAND & IMELDA MARCOS PRESIDENTIAL SEAL MEDAL, PHILIPPINES, H-613.....Do you know how much is it?

  8. How much if i sell my pre-loved Ferdinand and Imelda - President of the Philippines, Inauguration Dec. 30. 1965... Anyone who is interested i can email you the exact photo

  9. How much do you think it would cost for 1970 Papal visit medallion (Pres. Marcos and Pople Paul VI)? I checked in ebay it costs around P11k, is this a legit price? Planning to sell mine.. thanks in advance!

  10. Hi I found this medal die how much do u think should it be