Monday, September 6, 2010

5. Pinoy Sailors' Life in Cartoon Postcards

I took interest in collecting maritime and navy postcards when a friend sold me some postcards with interesting drawings of sailors’ life in the Philippines. The postcards depict the sailors’ naughty and carefree life-style.  It showed sailors who love merry making and their adventures with women.  They are often depicted as Don Juans, with having girlfriends in every port they have landed, and spending most of their time in bars and cabarets dancing, drinking and smoking.  I guess being cooped inside the ship for months will drive you mad, and once the ship docks it is the only time to turn loose of our wild instincts that were locked for a long time. 

These postcards were drawn  and copyrighted  by a certain  D.B. Santos in 1930. Unlike the beautifully colored lithographed postcards that were made in the US and other countries, these postcards were primitively printed using 3- 6 primary colors only.   I guess because of limited budget the publisher opted for the low cost printing.

There are 2 types of these postcards the Undivide back  without any printer’s information and  Divided back with “Printed by D.B Santos Publishing Co., Manila P.I.” –at the back of the card.    Since then I have been looking for the other set of the cards. I have not found any in the local market nor being sold on the internet, probably because only limited copies were made. At the moment I have 16 pieces of the D.B. Santos series but wish to find more.

No More Retreat
Eclipse Expedition in the Philippines
May 1929
Enjoying a "FREE" Country
You Can't Get any of this in State "Much"
A Horse on You
Negotiating a Dangerous Channel
Black Bottom
Half of it Snowing
Two Brows-One High-One Low
The Cavite Drag
One More Look, See Please
Embarrassing Moments
Chief Sniffer's Mate
Who Threw the Last Bottle?

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